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Become a Heartchanger!

A Heartchanger is an individual who takes satisfaction in advancing the mission of changing hearts in healthcare through financial support.

How can I be a Heartchanger?

Heartchanger gifts help advance student and graduate ministries, missions, public policy and media, resources and other programs supported by the annual fund of CMDA. You may choose a specific area of the ministry to sponsor.

The medical community faces a professional and ethical crisis. Our nation faces a moral and spiritual crisis. The stakes couldn't be higher. With God's help and the support of committed friends like you, together we are addressing this crisis and advancing the mission of changing hearts in healthcare. We are serving as a voice for Christian values in medical ethics and public policy.

We are helping to build the next generation of doctors through student ministries on over nine of ten campuses in America. We are teaching doctors how to pray with the sick, share the joy of the Lord in their own communities--and how to minister to the needy miles away in underdeveloped countries. We are helping thousands of physicians to integrate their personal faith with their professional practice.

Membership dues account for just one-third of the CMDA ministry budget. Only through individual financial contributions can the Associations fulfill the vital tasks of equipping, evangelism, discipleship, voice, and service.

Now is the time to invest in this movement of Christian doctors that God has raised up to change hearts in healthcare. You can take great satisfaction in knowing that you are advancing God's kingdom, preparing the next generation of Christian doctors, impacting our profession and society, and sharing God's love with needy patients.

Downloadable Heartchanger's Letter of Intent. Download file Heartchanger Letter of Intent