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Speaker's Bureau

Recommended Speakers Disclaimer: Christian Medical & Dental Associations does not manage the expenses, honorariums or speaking schedule for speakers. The opinions of the speakers do not necessarily reflect the official policy of the Christian Medical & Dental Associations.

Harold Paul Adolph, MD

Harold Paul Adolph, MD, has devoted his professional career to volunteering and serving as a medical missionary. A graduate of Wheaton College and the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, he has been a board certified physician since 1965.

Dr. Adolph speaks on the following topics:

  • Surgical Grand Rounds - 165 in China and the USA "Surgical Challenges on the Edge of the Desert"
  • The Secret Scourge of African Women - Vesico-vaginal Fistula"
  • Anterior Spinal Decompression and fusion for Advanced Potts Disease"
  • Facial Reconstruction after Cancrum Oris - Noma"
  • A Lifetime in Surgical Overseas Missions
  • The Touch of the Master's Hand
  • Trusting God to do the Impossible
  • Doing what God says when you know it is impossible


State : Florida

Jeffrey Barrows, DO, MA (Ethics)

Dr. Jeffrey Barrows is an Obstetrician/Gynecologist who in 2005 began working with the State Department’s Trafficking in Persons office to study the health consequences of human trafficking. 

Dr. Barrows speaks on Human Trafficking



State : Ohio

Kenneth M. Dudley, MD

Kenneth Earl Dudley, MD teaches Ethics and Epidemiology at Michigan State University (MSU) College of Human Medicine as an associate professor.  His PowerPoint presentations have been outreach events for medical and college students, or tailored to CMDA and church audiences.  He has a BA in Bible-Theology from Moody Bible Institute, a BS in Biology and an MD from MSU.  He has practiced as a board certified Family Physician since 1983.

Dr. Dudley speaks on the following topics:

  • Evidence-Based Faith
            Does Faith Eliminate the Need for Evidence?             
            Will Science make Faith Obsolete?                      
            Do Any Types of Evidence Support Faith?                  
            Does Evidence for Faith meet Scientific Standards?              
            Can Supernatural Evidence for Faith be seen today?           
            How does Evidence for Faith Apply to Me? 
  • Who's Destroying the Temple of God (before 25 years of age)?
  • Who's Destroying the Temple of God (before 65 years of age)?



State : Michigan

Reginald Finger, MD, MPH

Reginald Finger, MD, MPH received the Doctor of Medicine degree in 1981 and a Master of Public Health in Epidemiology in 1983 from the University of Washington in Seattle. For much of his career, Dr. Finger has worked in disease prevention and health promotion in state and local health departments.

Dr. Finger is able to accept occasional speaking assignments on the following topics:

  • reproductive bioethics
  • public health
  • Immunization
  • infectious diseases
  • epidemiologic methods
  • epidemiologic surveillance



State : Indiana

Autumn Dawn Galbreath, MD, MBA

Autumn Dawn Eudaly Galbreath, MD, MBA is an internist in San Antonio, Texas. Autumn Dawn earned her MD from the University of Texas Medical School at San Antonio, where she also completed her internal medicine residency. She earned her MBA from Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama.

Dr. Galbreath speaks on the following topics:

  • Aging
  • Depression in Primary Care Practice
  • Business/Management/Admin. in Healthcare
  • God's Grace
  • Working Mothers in the Church
  • Marriage (especially among Christian, professional women)



State : Texas

Walt Larimore, MD

Walt Larimore, MD, award-winning family physician, bestselling author, and educator, has been called "one of America’s best-known family physicians." Visit his website at His new daily Bible devotional, Morning Glory, Evening Grace, is available at


State : Colorado

Henry Lesesne, MD

Henry Lesesne, MD was born in Atlanta, educated at Vanderbilt University and Medical School in Internal Medicine. He completed his Residency and a GI Fellowship at the University of North Carolina Hospitals. He was on the faculty for 40 years in Liver/GI division. Since retiring he enjoys volunteering at the hospital with his daughter, working at his church which he was a founding member in 1970 and has a golf ministry for golfers "to meld our love of the Lord with our love of golf. He is a Lifetime member of CMDA and is active in his  local CMDA group.

Dr. Lesesne speaks on the following topics:

  • Laughter as Medicine
  • Is God Good for Your Health?
  • Medical Heroes-Important to Have
  • Important Symbols in Medicine


State : North Carolina

Dale A. Matthews, MD, FACP

Dale A. Matthews, MD, FACP practices general internal medicine in McLean, VA and is a staff physician in the Primary Care Division of the Virginia Hospital Center Physician Group (Arlington, VA). He conducts research and lectures on the doctor-patient relationship and the psychological and spiritual dimensions of medicine, including the role of religion, faith, and prayer in clinical care.

Dr. Matthews speaks on the following topics:

  • The Faith Factor: Is Religion Good for Your Health?
  • Shall We Pray? Proof of the Healing Power of Prayer
  • Eternal Medicine: God’s Prescription for Healthy, Faithful Living
  • Becoming a Peacemaker: Spiritual Treatment of Anxiety
  • Prayer and Prozac: Practicing Spiritually-Sensitive Medicine
  • Becoming a Healer: Enhancing Clinician-Patient Communication   


State : District of Columbia

Alan Nelson, MD

Alan A. Nelson, M.D. is a husband, father and a board certified Psychiatrist from Redstone, Colorado.

Dr. Nelson speaks on the following topics: 

  • Marriage Issues
  • Physician Life Journey Issues.



State : Colorado

Dónal P. O'Mathúna, PhD

Dónal O'Mathúna, PhD, MA in Bioethics & PhD in Medicinal Chemistry - speaks on bioethical issues, ethical issues during disasterrelief, and complementary & alternative medicine.
(Travels from Ireland)

Dr. O'Mathúna speaks on the following topics:

  • Ethical issues during disasters for healthcare professionals and researchers
  • Nanotechnology bioethics (nanoethics)
  • Literature and ethics
  • Stem cell research ethics
  • Research ethics
  • Healthcare ethics (abortion, assisted suicide, autonomy)
  • Using the Bible in contemporary bioethics
  • Complementary & alternative medicine


Country : IRELAND

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