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Peter Anderson, MD

Dr. Anderson completed his medical degree at the University of Virginia School of Medicine and his residency training at Riverside Regional Medical Center in Newport News, Virginia. He maintained a large primary care practice for 30 years, which became the first in Virginia to be recognized and accredited by the National Committee for Quality Assurance as a patient-centered medical home. Dr. Anderson also served as Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Virginia School of Medicine and Assistant Professor of Clinical Family and Community Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School.

After retiring from active practice, Dr. Anderson founded and now leads Team Care Medicine, a consulting and training company. He has helped more than 250 generalist and specialist provider-led teams transform their practices using his model of inside-the-exam-room care that redesigns traditional workflow and elevates the role of clinical staff.

Dr. Anderson is the author of three books, including The Familiar Physician: Saving Your Doctor in the Era of Obamacare and Lost and Found: A Consumer's Guide to Healthcare (co-authored with Dr. Paul Grundy). He writes and speaks frequently on primary care issues and clinical care reform.

See how Team Care Medicine equips practices to thrive.