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Henry Lesesne, MD

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Henry Lesesne, MD was born in Atlanta, educated at Vanderbilt University and Medical School in Internal Medicine. He completed his Residency and a GI Fellowshiop at the University of North Carolina Hospitals. He was on the faculty for 40 years in Liver/GI division. Since retiring he enjoys volunteering at the hospital with his daughter, working at his church which he was a founding member in 1970 and has a golf ministry for golfers "to meld our love of the Lord with our love of golf. He is a Lifetime member of CMDA and is active in his local CMDA group.

Dr. Lesesne speaks on the following topics:

  • Laughter as Medicine
  • Is God Good for Your Health?
  • Medical Heroes-Important to Have
  • Important Symbols in Medicine

Travels from North Carolina
Dr. Lesesne by email.