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Ethics Statements

Genetic Information and Manipulation Technologies Position Statement

Ethics Statements | May 03, 2018

As genetic knowledge increases and technologies to manipulate genes become more powerful, our need for wisdom in application intensifies. In regard to human genetics in particular, the conditions that allow for hubris call for an even greater measure of humility.

Parental Rights Position Statement

Ethics Statements | May 03, 2018

CMDA affirms that children at all stages of development are precious human beings bearing the image of God. Children are loved by God, belong to their families, and share in their communities. 

CMDA Statement on Racism

Ethics Statements | May 02, 2018

At the 2018 CMDA National Convention, the Board of Trustees approved CMDA's statement on racism.

Three Parent Human Embryos Ethics Statement

Ethics Statements | May 08, 2017

CMDA affirms that all children—including those who are biologically flawed—are gifts from God, a heritage of their mother and father to be cherished, nurtured, and guided. Parents’ obligation to protect their children’s health extends also to healthcare professionals.

Imminent Death Organ Donation Ethics Statement

Ethics Statements | May 08, 2017

CMDA affirms the sacredness of every human life, recognizing that life is a gift from God and has intrinsic value because all human beings are made in His image and likeness. For persons with illness that threatens life or health, organ transplantation may offer hope of a longer, healthier life. CMDA affirms ethical organ donation, meaning organ donation that is not coerced, in which organs are not purchased or sold, and through which vulnerable persons are not exploited or killed by vital organ procurement. 

Transgender Identification Ethics Statement

Ethics Statements | April 26, 2016

CMDA affirms the historic and enduring Christian understanding of humankind as having been created male and female. CMDA has concerns about recent usage of the term “gender” to emphasize an identity other than one’s biological sex, that is, a sense of self based on subjective feelings or desires of identifying more strongly with the opposite sex or with some combination of male and female. More ...

Human Enhancement Ethics Statement

Ethics Statements | April 30, 2015

At its annual meeting during the 2015 CMDA National Convention, the House of Representatives unanimously approved a new position statement on human enhancement.

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