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The Association of Abortion and Breast Cancer Scientific Statement

Despite groups that claim or deny that abortion is causative (or a risk factor for) in breast cancer, the Christian Medical & Dental Associations do not find sufficient scientific evidence to draw either conclusion. Studies supporting the different opinions are plagued by imperfect study design. That liability, linked with the potential for author bias, prohibits resolving the question based on the currently available science.

We draw these two conclusions:

  1. While it cannot be stated for certain that abortion causes breast cancer, it is clear that abortion removes the benefit that pregnancy has on lowering a woman’s risk of breast cancer; and
  2. Currently available data provide enough concern that abortion may increase the risk of breast cancer and healthcare professionals have an ethical obligation to make this potential risk known to patients considering abortion (informed consent).

Policy Approved by CMDA Board of Trustees June 2003
Statement updated June 2011

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