Ethics Statements

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Abortion Position Statement

1. We oppose the practice of abortion and urge the active development and employment of alternatives.

2. The practice of abortion is contrary to:

  • Respect for the sanctity of human life, as taught in the revealed, written Word of God.
  • Traditional, historical, and Judeo-Christian medical ethics.

3. We believe that biblical Christianity affirms certain basic principles which dictate against interruption of human gestation; namely:

  • The ultimate sovereignty of a loving God, the Creator of all life.
  • The great value of human life transcending that of the quality of life.
  • The moral responsibility of human sexuality.

4. While we recognize the right of physicians and patients to follow the dictates of individual conscience before God, we affirm the final authority of Scripture, which teaches the sanctity of human life.

Approved by the House of Delegates
Passed with 59 approvals, 3 opposed, 1 abstention
May 4, 1985, San Diego, California

Revised by the House of Representatives
Passed with 52 approvals and 1 abstention
May 2, 2013, Ridgecrest, North Carolina

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