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We’ve assisted in hundreds of placements during the past 16 years, so don’t just take our word for it. Check out a few of our success stories.

Placement worked for me, it can work for you
When I first contacted CMDA’s Placement Services about recruiting two physicians, our community had no physicians. We were being covered by a single physician’s assistant who remotely supervised 24 hours per day, five days per week. We were scrambling for piecemeal coverage of the emergency room on the weekends. There were times when that same provider had to cover for weeks at a time. It was not a sustainable situation. 
With the help of the Placement Services and some of the faculty from the Via Christi International Family Medicine Fellowship in Wichita, Kansas, we put together a mission-focused recruitment model under the premise that doctors willing to work in under-served countries would also be interested in working in our under-served county. At CMDA’s urging, we offered candidates eight weeks off annually for international mission work.
In the past year, CMDA has referred three physician candidates to us. One of them moved to Ashland last summer and another one is in the process of signing a contract with us. All three were impressive followers of Christ who were very well screened.  
For the first time in more than 20 years, we are approaching a healthy and sustainable environment for medical staff. The spiritual impact of these people has been even more impressive than their professional abilities. CMDA sent us candidates who recognize the importance of healing the whole person as opposed to simply addressing physical symptoms. We credit CMDA for its critical role in the stabilization of healthcare in our community.
Benjamin Anderson, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
Ashland Health Center 

Committed service and great concern
I would like to thank the CMDA Placement Services for their years of dedicated service. They humbly apply their God-given gifts to bring Christian doctors together, and combine that with Christ-like love, compassion, wisdom and prayers. They have been consistent with their committed service and great concern for the needs of any doctor seeking God's direction for the right job.

Adel G Hanna, MD

"For more than fifteen years, we've relied on the CMDA Placement Service to introduce us to mission-minded physicians, PAs and nurse practitioners. Many of our most fruitful domestic and international missionaries--those who've worked for years in the inner city and among unreached people groups--came to us through CMDA."

Rick Donlon, M.D.
Resurrection Health

CMDA Placement was with me every step of the way- for prayer, communication, whatever the need may be. I am overwhelmingly impressed by CMDA and their commitment to the Lord, first, and their diligence in seeking the Lord's will for each medical professional they meet.  God led me to CMDA to ultimately direct me to the career that will develop me professionally, spiritually, and use me to glorify His Kingdom.  For this, I am boundlessly grateful!      

Alyssa Allwardt, PA-C

Additional Testimonials