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We publish a wide variety of informational print, audio and electronic publications that are designed to encourage, equip and motivate our members.

Please note: If you are a student, missionary or electronic member who receives benefits electronically, you must remain on the electronic mailing lists for Christian Doctor's Digest and/or Today's Christian Doctor in order to maintain your membership with our ministry.

  • Today's Christian Doctor - A quarterly magazine published by CMDA on current issues in faith and healthcare
  • 2015 Annual Report - "His Hands, His Feet, His Voice"
  • Standards4Life - Simple and succinct guides to help answer your biggest questions about healthcare issues
  • Grace Prescriptions - A new print and video publication designed to teach you how to share your faith with your patients effectively and ethically
  • Prescriptions for the Heart - A series of biblically-oriented patient information sheets written to help cope with life-changing events


  • The Point - A weekly blog keeping you updated on emerging topics relevant to today's issues in healthcare
  • Dental Impact - An informational e-newsletter for dental members
  • e-Pistle - A bi-monthly e-newsletter from the Center for Medical Missions® to encourage and equip healthcare missionaries in their work for Christ
  • FCPA Newsletter - A quarterly e-newsletter for physician assistants
  • Infusion - A quarterly e-newsletter for our new members to acquaint them with CMDA's ministries
  • MEI Messenger - A quarterly e-newsletter for Medical Education International trip participants
  • On the Side - A monthly e-newsletter from Side By Side encouraging healthcare wives in their daily lives
  • PAACS Bulletin - A monthly e-newsletter from the Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons to stay updated on the latest happenings and ministry news
  • SCAN - A summary of major medical journals for medical missionaries
  • Weekly Devotions - A weekly devotion targeted specifically for the healthcare professionals
  • WPC Pulse - A monthly information e-newsletter for Women Physicians in Christ
  • Your Call - A bi-monthly e-newsletter from the Center for Medical Missions® to encourage and keep those with a "call" focused on that "call"