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Professional Consultant Network

The Professional Consultant Network (PCN) was created to provide members of CMDA with a source to turn to for professional services in the area of practice management and business planning. Individuals and companies participating in the PCN have met the following criteria:

  • They were recommended by a CMDA member
  • They indicated support of the CMDA Mission Statement and Statement of Faith
  • They indicated that they integrate biblical principles into their professional advice

DISCLAIMER: The Christian Medical & Dental Associations provide this information to its members without charge or obligation. While we sought to provide the names consultants and consultant services that will likely benefit CMDA members, CMDA is not responsible for either the terms of any agreement reached between any member and any such consultant nor is it responsible for the services rendered. CMDA DISCLAIMS any responsibility related to the member’s use of this information. In this regard, CMDA advises its members that a decision to use any such consultants is a decision that is being made by the member at his/her own risk and independent of CMDA.
Click here for a list of consultants