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CMDA Blogs

CMDA Devotional

This weekly devotion is targeted specifically for the healthcare professionals, and it is distributed weekly as an e-newsletter. When you subscribe to the Weekly Devotional blog, you can join the conversation and share your thoughts about each week's thought-provoking message.

CMDA's The Point

A weekly blog keeping you updated on emerging topics relevant to today's issues in healthcare. When you subscribe to The Point's blog, you can comment and join the discussion for a wide variety of issues. Plus, you'll get a monthly recap email keeping you updated on all the topics from the last month.

Dental Blog

The Dental Blog is a resource for dental professionals written by well-known experts in dentistry.

Global Health Outreach Blog

Information that will inspire and encourage those who are interested in short-term missions. Blogs include testimonials from Global Health Outreach participants and educational information on pursuing and engaging in missions. 

Psychiatry Section Blog

Thought provoking articles from the Psychiatry Section.


Student, Resident & Fellow Life Blog

The Student, Resident & Fellow Life Blog is updated on a regular basis by members of the National Student Council and the National Resident & Fellow Council.