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Consultation Service

Do these questions sound familiar?

  • We have no organizational direction or plan for healthcare ministry. Where should we be heading? Who can help us get there? How do we partner with others?
  • The local community does not seem to take ownership for their health and this hospital. Is it possible to change this?
  • This project, after 35 years, is more of a financial drain than a ministry! But what do we do?
  • We have difficulty with staff turnover and recruiting qualified staff. National leadership is lacking within our organization. How do we develop personnel and leadership?

We want to help you with questions like these. Long-range strategic planning, personnel development, community ownership, financial accountability, sustainability of services and many other issues are difficult to wrestle with alone. Through our Missions Consultation Service, we provide external on-site consultation to mission sending organizations, national churches and overseas projects such as hospitals, clinics and community health programs. We want to help you achieve your goals and dreams in missions and healthcare.

This service is provided at cost. For additional information, contact us by email.