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Why be a CMDA Resident

Why a CMDA Membership? I appreciate the legacy of CMDA and the tremendous opportunity it has been to be a member since I was 17 years old, just a few weeks before starting college. I have immensely enjoyed the fellowship, teaching, learning, growth, support, mailings and spiritual and medical/dental camaraderie in CMDA. On the National Resident Council (NRC), residents/fellows around the country are encouraged to participate in a “think tank” to expand the space within CMDA where the word and concept “residents/fellows” becomes intentionally commonplace in the vernacular at local meetings and councils, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Through the NRC, God called me to the House of Representatives, then to serve as the Resident Trustee (2014-2015). One of my goals is to continue playing my part in relinquishing the “residency/fellowship black hole” in CMDA. Linking arms with others around the country who are at my stage and also coordinating a local group of residents/fellows helps me feel connected, supported and molded as God uses mutual ministry to teach us leadership development, fellowship, community and initiative.

As a resident/fellow member of CMDA, I know that I contribute to the largest group of Christian healthcare professionals in the country. I know that I stand in unity with others who are facing persecution regarding rights of conscience, abortion, physician-assisted suicide, infanticide and other “progressive innovations” that our broken world will pursue. I support my brothers and sisters in healthcare because we are in fellowship and community with one another and love another. And I am so grateful that when the time comes that as a cardiologist I may be faced with persecution in my area of healthcare, I will have the backing of thousands of healthcare professionals around the country. None of us knows the intricate details of what is ahead or what will be proposed next in various fields, but all of us know that “together we stand, divided we fall.”

As resident/fellow members, we are together able to “stand for something, lest we fall for anything.” Our vision at this point for residents/fellows should be to develop electronic tools that we can have at our fingertips for encouragement, support, exhortation, information and connectivity. Whether it's an app with weekly CMDA devotionals written by residents/fellows or graduate faculty, or audiobooks that we are all reading together around the country, electronic availability will increase access for residents/fellows to emerge from the “black hole.” I am thrilled to be a CMDA resident/fellow!    

—Sherry-Ann Brown, MD, PhD