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CMDA Resident Trustee/Representative

Resident Trustee

The role of the CMDA Board of Trustees is to lead the organization toward achieving the mission and vision of CMDA. The board’s specific contributions are unique to its trusteeship role and necessary for proper governance and management.

The Board of CMDA selects one resident annually to serve as the CMDA Resident Trustee. The Resident Trustee serves a one-year term in which he/she attends three board meetings per year at CMDA’s expense and important related meetings by phone.

The resident trustee participates on a different committee during each meeting, and is expected to make a serious commitment to participate actively in committee work. Also, the resident trustee is automatically a member of the National Resident Council Leadership Team. This is an amazing opportunity to experience CMDA leadership at the highest level and bring your unique experience as a student and giftedness as a follower of Christ to the discussion about how we can best join God in what he is doing the lives of healthcare professionals across the country.

Download file 2018-2019 Resident Trustee Application

Resident Representative

The CMDA House of Representatives serves an important role in the governance and guidance of the Christian Medical & Dental Associations.  Representatives share the vision, purpose, and opportunities of CMDA to its members and share the concerns, challenges and testimonies of its members back to the leadership of CMDA.

Each year, CMDA selects two residents to serve as Resident Representatives to the House of Representatives.  The Resident Representatives’s role, in addition to attending the House of Representatives meeting concurrent with the CMDA National Convention, is related to communicating CMDA information to the resident members of CMDA, and participating as member of the National Resident Council Leadership Team. All travel, room, and board expenses are covered by CMDA.

Download file 2018-2019 Resident Representative Application