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FCO Mission Resources

Trip Preparation

Global Health Outreach offers a variety of resources to help you as you prepare for a trip. Click this link for travel, passport and visa information, spiritual preparation and more.

Reconditioned & Recycled Eyeglasses Programs 

Operation Eye Care 

A program of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation in Decatur Georgia, collects and refurbishes used eyeglasses to send on mission trips around the world. We send out more than 10,000 glasses a year. Let me know if your group is interested in providing glasses on a mission trip that you go on. We have glasses of all types: Prescription, Non-prescription, Bifocal, Sun glasses, Rx- Sunglasses and cases. If you don’t take an optometrist with you, the people can simply pick through the glasses to find what suits their vision needs.
We can mail the glasses to you before you leave the United States. Everything is free of charge. It would also be great if you sponsor churches or groups overseas to send those glasses.
I am in my office Monday thru Friday. Let me know if you are interested in receiving glasses and working with us on this project. It is a great feeling to help someone to see again.
Tiffany Ellerbee
Volunteer Coordinator Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation
1775 Clairmont Rd
Decatur, GA 30033
404-325-3630 Ext 332    Fax:404-636-5549

Eye Glass Recycling Center

A Christian eyeglass recycling center for Christian ministry and missions is seeking eyeglass collections. They clean, sort, and neutralize glasses. Glasses of all types can be used on the mission field to take Christ to others. For more information please contact Amber (

Reading and Sunglasses

We provide new readers and sunglasses to groups going to, or with clinics in, developing countries. We've been doing this since 2003 and have sent over 2M pairs with over 750 groups. We’d love to work with the Fellowship of Christian Optometrists. Certainly your group needs no introduction to the need for reading and sunglasses in developing countries. Please check out our website at

Mark Sachs, Director

Embassy Registry