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Welcome the the CMDA Psychiatry section blog. We will be providing thought provoking articles and hope you will participate with your comments.


The Unforgiveable Sin

By Brian Briscoe | March 26, 2018

A few weeks ago I was doing weekend rounds in a psychiatric hospital in rural Kentucky, and met with a 53 year old male patient struggling with severe treatment resistant depression. The gentleman was struggling with what appeared to be delusional guilt over the belief that he had committed 'the unforgiveable sin' of blaspheming the Holy Spirit 14 years ago.

Levels of Understanding

July 24, 2017

Lifelong Learning as a Christian in Psychiatry involves developing Levels of Understanding. 

Lifelong spiritual growth as a Christian in psychiatry can be described as progressive transformations to higher levels of wisdom and deeper levels of understanding of God.

Kay Warren speaks for our Psych Section during the Annual Conference

June 28, 2017

We were pleased to host Kay Warren, of Saddleback Church, as the plenary speaker for our Psych Section Annual Meeting on May 23rd.

Who do persons with mental health issues reach out to?

February 08, 2017

Kay Warren, an accomplished speaker and author from Saddleback Church, will be speaking at the CMDA Psychiatry Section’s evening banquet at the 2017 APA Conference.  speaks at the CMDA evening banquet during APA 2017. We hope you are planning to attend. Kay’s story helps to highlight issues related to psychiatry, mental illness and the church.

Integrating Psychiatry and Community in Boston

December 21, 2016

How are you integrating the promotion of mental health and faith in your local community? Dr. John Peteet discusses how they are doing this in several innovative ways in Boston, Massachusetts.

Physician Burnout: Higher Resources of the Christian Psychiatrist

November 29, 2016

How can Christian psychiatrists deal with their own personal burnout? Dr. Tom Okamoto shares how burnout affects 49 percent of physicians and what psychiatrists can do to help deal with it when they face burnout themselves.

Presentation and Discussion from Annual Meeting

September 29, 2016

“Psychology and Christianity: Five Views”

A stimulating presentation by Eric Johnson, PhD, and the subsequent discussion during our 2016 Annual Meeting Banquet Dinner 

A Meeting and a Group Like No Other

August 04, 2016

There is no other meeting like ours in the world. Bringing together fellow Christians in psychiatry from around the world, our annual CMDA Psychiatry Section meeting (held every year alongside the annual APA meeting) offers a safe environment to explore the different ways in which our faith has come to affect our careers and clinical work.

Educating the Conservative Evangelical Church about Mental Illness

January 20, 2016

Christians suffering from mental illness often hesitate to seek psychiatric care. The reasons for this are varied and numerous, but oftentimes the cause lies within our Christian communities which, at times, seem to stigmatize mental illness or suggest that psychiatric symptoms are the result of personal sin.   

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