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Our dental audio, video and print resources are specifically designed to give you the knowledge and tools you need to effectively serve the Lord in your life and your dental community. These are only just a small selection of the resources available through CMDA, so please visit CMDA's Resources for more information.





Dental Ministries Digest
An audio magazine for Christian
dental professionals

Dental Ministries Video
A close look at our Dental Ministries

The Dental Impact
A bi-monthly e-newsletter for our dental members

Christian Doctor's Digest
An audio magazine for Christian healthcare professionals, including interviews with dentists

Aribex News Conference
Watch CDA receive the NOMAD, a portable x-ray
machine from Aribex

Today's Christian Doctor
A print magazine for healthcare professionals, including articles for
dental professionals

Symposium Presentations
Listen to audio clips from the Emerging Leaders in Dentistry Symposium

Symposium Highlights
Watch highlights from the 2012 Emerging Leaders in Dentistry Symposium

Related Publications
A variety of articles and other
resources for dental professionals