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Hear From Our Members

For more than 80 years, CMDA has been dedicated to transforming the lives of healthcare professionals just like you, so that you can transform the world. With nearly 18,000 members across the world, our members are making a difference in their practices, in their communities and in our world.

Why do our members continue to support CMDA despite the busy practice of healthcare? Because being a Christian voice in healthcare has never been more important, and because CMDA offers resources and services that you can't find anywhere else. But don't just take our word for it. Hear from our members to find out why being a CMDA member is so important and valuable in healthcare today.

  • "I am a proud long-time member. In academic medicine, there are not that many physicians willing to be labeled Christian. To me, it is who I am. I am not ashamed of the gospel even as I am an unworthy ambassador at times." — George B. Mallory, MD
  • "CMDA was and is a very important part of my life and walk with the Lord. It has been and is an encouragement, enablement and blessing over the years. The relationships are some of the dearest and most cherished of my life." — Donald K. Wood, MD, CMDA Lifetime Member
  • "Thank you for praying for me. I truly appreciate the good work that CMDA is doing. David Stevens' letter to me when I was a college student is one of the reasons that I went into medicine!" — John G. Crabill, MD
  • "I wanted to let you know that I appreciate all that CMDA does to support me. I truly feel that CMDA is my ministry, and that you are there to support my local ministry. The team may feel the stresses of ministering on the front lines without realizing how important it was to my faith journey to have fellow Christians to connect with at medical school through CMDA." — Jeffrey Doolittle, MD

We are so blessed by each and every single one of our members, and we are grateful that CMDA can be a blessing and a resource for you in your career as a healthcare professional and in your personal relationship with Christ. How has CMDA made an impact on your life? Why is your CMDA membership important to you? Share your story with CMDA's Member Services.