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Membership Dues

As we seek to change hearts in healthcare, much of our influence comes directly from our members and their support. We depend on your membership to continue our valuable ministry around the world.

Membership Dues
Discount Opportunities
Pay Your Dues Online
Dues Grace

Membership Dues
We offer various levels of membership rates based on your individual status. We try to structure our rates to accommodate all healthcare professionals who would like to be members. No matter where you are in life—whether you are a practicing physician, a student, a resident or a retired doctor—we can mold and shape your membership to fit your needs.

Graduate Doctors (MD, DDS, DMD, DO, DPM, OD)

  • Practicing - $387
  • Academic - $387
  • First year in practice - $195
  • Missionary / International - $112 or Underwritten*
  • Retired missionary / international - $64
  • Semi-retired (working less than 20 hours per week) - $195
  • Fully retired (working 0 hours per week) - $92

Uniformed Services

  • Regular - $195
  • Semi-retired (working less than 20 hours per week) - $92
  • Fully retired (working 0 hours per week) - $64

Residents and Fellows

  • Annual Membership - $99
  • One-time Package Membership - $150
    (Package covers entire residency or fellow period, and other discounts apply. Contact Member Services for more details.)

Lifetime Membership - Varies based on age and status

(Medical, dental, osteopathic, pre-medical and pre-dental)

  • Print membership - $62
  • Electronic membership - Underwritten*

Associate Health Professionals (PA, NP, PT, RN)

  • Associate - $112
  • PhD - $112
  • Missionary / International - $112 or FREE*
  • Semi-retired (working less than 20 hours a week) - $92
  • Fully retired (working 0 hours per week) - $64


  • Non-medical - $64

*Underwritten membership provides electronic resources instead of physical resources and other materials received by members

Discount Opportunities
We also offer various levels of discounts to help lower the total cost of your membership. Take a look at some of these available discounts and take advantage of them today!



Provide the name of the colleague who referred you to CMDA

25% off annual membership (first year of membership only)

Sign up for Automatic Dues Renewal

10% off annual membership

For more information about discount opportunities, contact CMDA's Member Services.

Pay Your Dues
There are several ways for you to pay your dues:

  • Download this Download file Membership Renewal Form and fax it to us at 423-844-1090 or mail it to us at P.O. Box 7500, Bristol, TN 37621.
  • Call us toll free at 888-230-2637 to pay your dues over the phone.
  • Pay your dues online by logging in to the website using your email address as your user name. When you click on the Members webpage, it will take you to your personal page which will provide your members dues amount and the opportunity to pay online in a secure form. If you have any problems logging in, please contact us at 888-230-2637.

Dues Grace
Are you experiencing financial difficulties? We understand the struggles you encounter during times of financial hardship, and that’s why we offer Dues Grace to our members facing financial issues. Notify CMDA's Member Services if you need to make a reduced payment or even skip your payment for this membership period. We want you to remain a part of our ministry, so please don’t let those difficulties keep you from being a member of CMDA.