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Membership Benefits

Being a member of CMDA has lots of great benefits, but the greatest benefit of all is helping to further His kingdom as we change hearts in healthcare.

With your membership to CMDA, you will receive:

  • Helpful print and electronic resources to integrate your faith and practice
  • Opportunities to fellowship and network with colleagues at events such as the annual CMDA National Convention and numerous regional conferences
  • Continuing education on topics from ethics to family issues to current challenges faced in healthcare, as well as partnership opportunities to work with CMDA to provide continuing education at events
  • Opportunities to develop connections with fellow members in local area community ministries with mentoring and ministry resources to help you live out your faith in your practice and your life
  • Assistance from placement services to help you find a practice or colleague who shares your values from our large network of like-minded healthcare professionals
  • Access to various ministries specifically designed for Christians in healthcare such as marriage retreats, life coaching, ethics information and malpractice support

But that’s not all. As a CMDA member, you will also have the opportunity to:

  • Change public policy by being a part of dynamic initiatives in Washington, D.C. to influence healthcare reform and other important ethical issues
  • Change the world by going on mission trips to some of the most medically underserved areas of the world and sharing the gospel along with urgent healthcare
  • Change the future by helping to raise up the next generation of Christian healthcare professionals through ministry on more than 260 medical and dental campuses nationwide
  • Change your colleagues’ lives by introducing them to CMDA ministries to help you and your peers bring Christ into your practice every day

Are you ready to join us? Join CMDA today!