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CMDA's Position and Scientific Statements

CMDA's Ethics Committee has set forth CMDA’s official ethical position statements. Largely limited to bioethical issues, these statements are based on scientific, moral and biblical principles, and they are approved by the Board of Trustees and the House of Representatives.

We encourage our members to familiarize themselves with these positions in an effort to adopt the ethical tenets as defined by Hippocratic tradition within your work as a healthcare professional.

Download file CMDA Position Statements 2018
Download file CMDA Position Statements with References 2018

Individual Position Statements

Abuse of Human Life
Advance Directives
Allocation of Medical Resources
Alternative/Complimentary Therapy
Anti-progestational Agents (RU-486)
Artificially-Administered Nutrition and Hydration 
Assisted Reproductive Technology
Baby Doe
Beginning of Human Life
Beginning of Human Life: Addendum I: Conception and Fertilization
Biblical Model for Medical Ethics
Christian Dentist's Oath
Christian Physician's Oath
Christian Response to Adverse Outcomes Arising from Medical Error
Conflicts of Interest
Disabled Persons
Doctor & Pharmaceutical/Medical Device Industry Relationships
Double Effect
Eugenics and Enhancement
Fetal Tissue for Experimentation and Transplantation
Genetic Information and Manipulation Technologies
Healthcare Delivery
Healthcare Education and the Christian Faith
Healthcare Right of Conscience
Human Cloning
Human Enhancement
Human Hybrids and Chimeras
Human Life: Its Moral Worth
Human Research
Human Sexuality
Human Stem Cell Research and Use
Human Trafficking
Imminent Death Organ Donation
Limits to Parental Authority in Medical Decision Making
Medical Futility
Miraculous Healing
Moral Complicity with Evil
Non-Traditional Family and Adoption
Organ Donation After Circulatory Death (DCD)
Organ Transplantation after Assisted Suicide of State Execution
Overview on Human Organ Transplantation
Pain Management
Parental Consent for Minors Seeking Abortion
Parental Rights
Patient Refusal of Therapy
Physician-Assisted Suicide
Principles of Christian Excellence
Sharing Faith in Practice
Three Parent Human Embryos
Transgender Identification
Valid Consent in Shared Decision-Making
Vegetative State

Scientific Statements

Association of Abortion and Breast Cancer
Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine
Possible Post-conceptional Effects of Hormonal Birth Control

Public Policy Statements


Same-Sex "Marriage"