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Family vs. Physician

How do you feel when you have a patient who is also a physician? Or a patient whose close family member is a physician? I have been pondering this idea as I explained some medical information to several family members. In what ways can I be helpful to the situation, and where do I want to avoid making more work for the doctor caring for my family?

Decreasing Isolation in Healthcare

Dr. Autumn Dawn Galbreath shares how Christians can find respite in community in this article published in the summer 2018 edition of Today's Christian Doctor.

Am I Too Old to Practice?

Articles | By Al Weir, MD | June 01, 2018

In the cover story from the summer 2018 edition of Today's Christian Doctor, Dr. Al Weir discusses an important question for all healthcare professionals: when is the right time to retire from practicing?

Praying with Patients

In this week’s blog post, Dr. Autumn Dawn Galbreath explores what a variety of secular physicians have to say about praying with patients in the exam room. It’s a topic that is vastly important to Christian healthcare professionals. Not surprisingly, there was a wide range of options among secular physicians.

The Flu, Antibiotic Superbugs and Vaccines

Multimedia | April 09, 2018

Mark Elfstrand interviewed Dr. Donald Thompson on his show, "Let's Talk With Mark Elfstrand" (on AM 1160 – Hope for Your Life) on the flu, antibiotic superbugs and vaccines.

Authority and Vulnerability

In this week’s blog post, Dr. Autumn Dawn Galbreath discusses how healthcare professionals need both authority and vulnerability in their practice of healthcare. Vulnerability can help to strengthen the doctor-patient relationship, as well as further the work of the gospel.

Battling the Opioid Epidemic

Articles | March 01, 2018

In this article published in the spring 2018 edition of Today's Christian Doctor, Dr. Stephen Manchester outlines how you can integrate spiritual care into opioid treatment in your practice. Plus, for the first time in the magazine's history, you can earn continuing education credit with this article. 

A Lack of Self-care in Healthcare

Why do we as a profession care for ourselves so poorly? We learned in training to work long hours and ignore our own needs, even needs as basic as food, sleep and toileting. And for many of us, this just became a way of life. Dr. Autumn Dawn Galbreath discusses why self-care is so important for healthcare professionals.

Treating the New Chronic Pain Patient

The Point Blog | By Amy Givler, MD | November 30, 2017

Around her hospital, Dr. Amy Givler is known as “The Wall” when it comes to opioid prescribing. She simply doesn’t believe they benefit the vast majority of patients who receive them, especially for chronic pain. In this week’s blog post, she discusses why she is convinced opioids actually lower the pain threshold, as well as strategies she’s developed to help her patients.

Sharing Experiences and Decreasing Isolation in Healthcare

As a Christian healthcare professional, do you ever feel a contradiction between those two parts of your identity? Do you ever feel that your faith is not welcome in healthcare, or that your medical identity is not welcome or—even worse—is taken advantage of in the church? Dr. Autumn Dawn Galbreath discusses this topic in today’s post on The Point blog.

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