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Cloning is asexual reproduction in which an exact genetic copy of another plant, animal or human is made by fusing the DNA from an adult cell into a human egg from which the genetic material has been removed, causing it to divide and grow. By definition of the National Academy of Sciences, a clone is an exact genetic replica of another organism.

Latest Information

Growing Human Embryos Outside the Womb: New Record, Old Questions

The Point Blog | By David Prentice, PhD | May 11, 2016

Several bioethicists are proposing expanding the time limit allowed for experiments on human embryos. Dr. David Prentice discusses how allowing experiments on human embryos beyond this limit risks the lives of untold human beings


Resources | February 19, 2014

Simple guides to help answer your questions about issues in healthcare like abortion, stem cell research and others.

Human Cloning Position Statement

Ethics Statements | February 03, 2014

The CMDA Position Statement on Human Cloning approved by CMDA's House of Representatives.

Cloning Name Games

Articles | By Dónal P. O'Mathúna, PhD | March 01, 2002

Dr. Donal P. O’Mathuna explores the topic of human cloning in this article published in the spring 2002 edition of Today's Christian Doctor.