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Use of CMDA Logos

If you use the CMDA logo for any reason on your Web site, printed materials, video or custom apparel, you agree to use only approved logo graphics and will not tamper with the image or change it in any way. The CMDA, CDA and CMA logos cannot be used for personal or business marketing purposes.

Please note the two fonts. The top font is Schoolbook. This font is NOT to change. The bottom font is Textile. This is for tag lines and the font is NOT to change. These fonts define our image and provide the consistency necessary for adaptability. The red is PMS 1797, CMYK Process Color 94% magenta, 94% yellow, 6% black (no white). This red may be used or you may use black. The full name should be used. No acronyms are acceptable in the logo usage.

In addition, the trademark symbol is to accompany all logo usages in the position as shown.

You may reduce or enlarge the entire logo proportionately. This can be done in Microsoft Office Word by clicking on the logo and then dragging a corner point while holding down the shift key this allows the size to change without distortion.